IST Precision has a strong technical team that focuses on advanced technologies in nano and microtechnology. These areas include mechatronics, rotary spindles, microfluidics, microscale metrology and macroscale. Contact us to learn more about these topics or click on the links below to be directed to journal publications, technical papers, and presentations.


Our first step is always to present alternative solutions for an engineering design project by examining existing technologies and developing our own creative solutions. This combination helps to bring both elegant and state-of-the-art ideas to the concept phase.

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Possible solutions are more fully conceptualized using a multidisciplinary approach and evaluated against the customer’s stated objectives and criteria.

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We work closely with our customers during the interactive design process to finalize the solution that best meets the target objectives.

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In this step, the overall system configuration is finalized, including a thorough analysis using modeling and simulation to provide a final, optimized, detailed design.

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A fully functional prototype is manufactured and tested against the functional requirements. Full scale production planning is initiated.

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We work with customers extensively throughout this process to ensure seamless integration into their systems upon full deployment.

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